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About Rachita

My art bridges the vivid reality that we live in and the abstract image of how we perceive it. My inspirations are my experiences, as well as learning from the experiences of those around me. I have lived in India, Japan, Hong Kong and Dubai and traveled almost half the world. The social, cultural, ethnic, historic and infrastructural diversity of these places have shaped my creative perspectives.

My artistic journey perhaps started as a child where I would sketch things that fascinated me. However, it was twelve years ago that I experimented with painting on porcelain, and instantly fell in love with it. Being part of Hong Kong Porcelain Painting Club and having the opportunity to learn from visiting international masters of Porcelain Painting was invaluable in my pursuit. I have been privileged to participate in the bi-annual HKPPC International Porcelain Painting Exhibition Hong Kong in 2014 and 2016. I also developed a unique style of painting on porcelain jewelry.

I wanted to expand my knowledge on the nuances of art and pursued a dual Professional Certificate in Creative and Fine Arts while in Dubai. Here I was introduced to painting on canvas. The ability to express my thoughts creatively on a larger surface excited me. My recent series, 'Dreams' have been exhibited at World Art Dubai, 2018.

I am often asked "what is my style?" My style is not static, it adapts to what I am thinking and want to depict. Like my vastly diverse experiences, it transcends various conventional styles. My art is intricate and I love to depict the interplay between the various elements of each composition. My art is unique not because of the technique and mediums I use but How and Where I use them.

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